Friday, May 18, 2012

Truly Moving

On Wednesday I was talking with my co-workers about how Youngest Sweetie is now moving.

The days of placing our granddaughter in the middle of a blanket, leaving the room, and coming back to her in the middle of the blanket are now over.

Everyone looked a bit surprised and asked, "How old is she now?"

"Six months," I replied.

Later I called our daughter, Young Sweetie, and left a voicemail saying that I thought they looked a bit incredulous like I was exaggerating.....or should I say lying?!?

She sent me this video to save my truthful reputation.

I have a very good daughter!

Youngest Sweetie is six months and five days old in this video.

I love her commando-style crawl.

Watch out world....she's moving now! Truly!

Unrelated side note/thoughts:
My favorite word for the week "Ubiquitous." (Thanks Anne Lamott!)
Wonderful Husband's favorite word last night while watching Person of Interest: "Peripheral."

Do you have a favorite word this week?


  1. She is so precious!!! My grandson is soooo close to crawling. He's moving backwards at the moment with occasional forward motion and a lot of rocking back & forth on his knees! I love seeing that...but, oh how Grandma is going to have to rearrange some things! And things are about to have to change at my daughter's home!! :)

  2. Yes. Grandbaby-proofing is needed around here and I'm trying to figure out how not to blink for the next few years! Ha!


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