Sunday, July 11, 2010

Road Trip Part 1

On Wednesday, "Evil Genius" and I traveled to Virginia. He had interviews scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

Wonderful husband made the hotel reservations and had also figured out coffee shops where I would sit and wait while our son interviewed. We had Emily (my GPS) all programmed with addresses and oh yes, I took my camera too.

About 4.5 hours of driving. Maryland "welcomed us" twice. (Emily led us into the edge of Washington, DC hence Maryland being doubly happy to "greet" us!) We checked into the hotel, test drove to the coffee shop (I mean the school where the interview would take place the next day) and then thought we'd locate a grocery store where we could pick up a few items.

We drove and drove and drove some more. Windy, country, bucolic grocery store, strip mall, or retail establishments were ever found. I wondered if they grew all there own food and didn't need the "sissy grocery stores." I also knew that with my rad driving skills that I was probably a block away from major retail opportunities at all times but never knew it.

We plugged Emily in and she led us back to our hotel where there were grocery stores located nearby. Now I can verify that there are people who shop at grocery stores in Virginia, just so you know. And we're not sissies!

Later we had dinner at a TGI Friday's restaurant and when we left, I grabbed my camera and took the following picture from the parking lot.

Could this be a good sign of the interviews to come?

Stay tuned for Road Trip Part 2!


  1. Are you sure that isn't photo-shopped? Love, MB

  2. And how come you are up so late?

  3. I would love to say that I'm just that great of a photographer, yet think I have to give the credit to my camera.

    And 12:58 p.m. is in the afternoon...not the morning silly! lol

  4. Oops. Such a careful reader. Well I feel better that you are getting some sleep. Give Jeff our congrats. I hope it is a dream job!

  5. NICE PIC MOM!! :]


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