Monday, July 19, 2010

Partial Definition of Me

I learned an interesting lesson about myself while I was in Virginia with our son. An observation that surprised me and disappointed me too.

After placing my order at Starbucks for a
Vanilla latte,
Triple shot,
6 pump
the barista said, "Don't forget your receipt. And by the way, did you know that if you come back after 2:00 today...."

Then I interrupted him.

I said, "That's ok. I'm heading to Pennsylvania in a little while so I won't be in the area after 2:00."
He said, "Oh, that's ok because the offer is good at any participating Starbucks."
"Oh...thank you for telling me then."

I picked up my drink and then went to settle into a soft leathery-type chair where I thought about what had just happened. I've always prided myself on having good manners and using common sense especially with servers (after all they prepare my drinks/food).

But instead of letting the barista just finish saying another sentence, or two tops....I was rude and cut him off.

I didn't even have the (bad) excuse of being in a hurry. I knew I was going to be sitting there for at least and hour waiting for our son to finish his interview and come and pick me up.

There wasn't a big line behind me. No people waiting impatiently while the barista was sticking to his closing script.

It was just me.
Being rude.
Now ashamed.

I can't take back that moment, yet will try to live more gently and courteously in the moments to come.

Have you had a similar experience lately?

After posting this, I read Karen Ehman's post called "Dead-heading". She's one of my favorite Proverbs 31 Ministries women whose blog I read all the time. I think it's time to "dead-head" my rudeness, then let God's Word bring gentleness and  good manners "to bloom."


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