Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Struggling with Technology

Every once in a while I think I have some small part of technology figured out. Then WHAM!

I've lost my techno-mojo again.

I sit at the dinner table and tell my family that I am considered a techno-guru by my Bible Study buddies. After all, I type up the prayer requests in a Word document and attach it to a weekly email distribution list. I also learned how to work the DVD player and the TV at the church for our class.

My family and I laugh about my being a techno-guru because they know my techno-struggles!

I've learned how to post an online job application and attach a resume, cover letter, and college transcript. I would say I look great "on paper" but since now everything is online, I guess I look great "on monitor"....Hmmmm.

My latest challenge has been with leaving comments on other people's blogs. Sometimes it's very easy for me and I get a bit proud. I even figured out how to link a particular post on my blog to their blog. So it makes it super easy for someone to click on my link and voila...it takes them to my post on my blog. Thank you MckLinky and the easy to follow instructions. (If I can do it....anyone can!)

Then comes today when Mary from Giving Up On Perfect asked the question about something funny that was read online lately. I type up my comment, link it to the person's funny post and hit publish. After it's published I hit the link to make sure it works flawlessly....and then....you guessed it....it doesn't work!

Since I don't have an edit option, I typed up another comment with an "easier link," apologized for the first link, hit publish....and then....wait for it....IT DOESN'T WORK EITHER!

Picture my annoyance at this point. Should I write another comment apologizing again? Should I start banging my head on my keyboard? Should I stop talking out loud to myself at this point?

I gave up. I sent an email to Mary apologizing and said that I must have been hit with an idiot stick this morning.

I don't think I have a problem with pride because once I start feeling a wee bit proud of myself and my techno-skills, I once again realize that I have none. Arrrrrrgggggggg!

Do you struggle with technology?


  1. I'm proud to say I don't struggle with it. Which is a good thing, because it is my JOB. I am the Campus Technician for a junior high. However, even if I don't struggle with it, I do find it frustrating at times.

    I love, love, love technology. I order my pizza online and it shows up thirty minutes later! :) I order movie tickets online and I even schedule my doctor's appts online. I hate using the phone, so ANYTHING I can do online I try and do.

    What I hate is when something doesn't work the way it's "suppose" to. And, the machines I fight with a lot on my job are PRINTERS. They just don't seem to like me.

    What I would love to learn more about is designing blogs. As you can see from my blog, it needs work. A LOT of work!

    If you have a blog, you are already light years ahead of a lot of people when it comes to technology. MANY of the teachers I work with have no idea how to set up a blog. You are doing great! You probably know a lot more than you realize!

  2. Thank you Emily for your kind and encouraging words. I had to laugh that you read this post because I know you work with technology so I'm sure you have techno-mojo!

    Now I'm looking at my printer with suspicion because I can't believe that it wouldn't like you! lol

  3. You're just so sweet Cindy! This cracks me up! Living in the technology age, goof ups are bound to happen, even to the best of us!



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