Friday, April 30, 2010

Losing It (Week Ten)

I had joined Mary at Giving Up On Perfect in the "Losing It" weight loss challenge.

My plan was basically to eat less and move more.

Mission Accomplished!

My goals were:
1) Get on the treadmill 6 days a week.
2) Drink 64 oz. of water per day.
3) Take-in less calories (and healthier ones at that).
4) Lose 20 10+ pounds at the end of 10 weeks.
5) Sit-ups and light weights (Weeks 5-10).

Here is the update for Week 10:

1) Treadmill 6 days this week, 20 25 minutes per day, 1.5% incline at 3 mph. I had started on the treadmill 15 minutes per day. Increased to 20 minutes per day. And this past week increased to 25 minutes per day.

2) 64 oz. of water per day. Check.

3) Food Choices. This week was a challenge since I had more meals out. I have learned to accept my food decisions and if I go "off course" for a meal, make a more healthy choice for my next meal. I am not perfect (shhhhh, don't tell my kids), yet I am responsible for what food I put in my mouth.

4) Lost 1 lb. this week. (Total loss in 10 weeks is 10 lbs.) Total percentage of body weight loss is 5.59%. I had changed my goal from losing 20 lbs. in 10 weeks, to losing 10+ pounds. I didn't hit 10+ but 10 lbs. even. I know that someone else in the "Losing It" weight loss challenge has lost a larger percentage of body weight so I did not win the fabulous prizes. Yet I am happy for the winner and "pleased as punch" with my results.

5) Sit-ups. 5 days this week. Light weights working on my arms every other day.

On Week 8 I wrote, "I am now on the cusp (a point that marks the beginning of a change) of firmly saying, "So long," to the 170s in the next week or two."

Week 10.

I stepped on the scale. 169 even.

Bye bye 170s...hello 160s!!! Booyah!

At the end of Week Ten (and the end of the "Losing It" challenge), I am thrilled!

Thank you Mary (Giving Up On Perfect), Jessie (Vanderbilt Wife), and Ashleigh (Heart & Home) for co-hosting this event. Because of you three ladies hosting the "Losing It" weight loss challenge, I have gone from inactive to active. From drinking no water to drinking 64 oz. per day. From making bad food choices to making healthy food choices (more often). I have lost 10 pounds. I have done sit-ups and light weights.

I should have been doing this all along, especially in the past (over) two years that I've been unemployed. I had the time. Just not the desire, focus, determination....

So what changed?

I needed this accountability group of encouraging women. I needed a specific period of time (in this case 10 weeks). I needed to set goals for myself and reevaluate/change them as I continued on this journey. I needed to get over my annoyance (with myself) when I "fell off the wagon." I learned how to forgive myself and not quit move forward.

Next Wednesday I will be joining Karen Ehman's Weight Loss Wednesday group. Because the main thing I've learned is that I need the positive peer pressure, ideas from others, and to keep my focus on God and His will for me during this lifestyle improvement.

Please stop by to encourage the other participants at Giving Up On Perfect.

And thank you for your encouraging words during these past 10 weeks. It has been a wonderful experience and a great beginning on my journey toward better health!

Update: Kathy at House of Hills has decided to continue hostessing "Losing It" as a weekly carnival. So if you're interested in continuing on, or want to join for the first time, check in with Kathy beginning May 7.


  1. GREAT POST! So proud of you! I will definitely keep track of you and how you are doing.. besides.. we are sisters now.. :)

  2. You did awesome! And I'm so happy for you that you have left the 170's. Still working on that myself...
    I didn't win either but like you said, I'm please as punch with how this challenge has helped me stay motivated and accountable and changed my outlooks on my weight loss goals

  3. What are you doing up so early?? Congrats on your progress. See you soon for another big salad. MBK

  4. You left the 170's!!! SO GREAT!!! What's even greater is that you made so many amazing changes to your lifestyle. You GO GIRL!
    I hope you'll continue to link up. I know it's keeping me accountable!

  5. Cindy, you have been so encouraging to me this past 10 weeks. I'm so excited for you and LOVE how your positive attitude and commitment have paid off! Congratulations!!

  6. Thanks ladies for all your encouraging comments. Yes, this 10 week challenge is over yet I've begun Week 1 of my next 10 week countdown. I'll have less structured posts and hope you'll stop by occasionally for an update. Blessings!

  7. Cindy, I am so proud of you and your accomplishment!! I work in an all ladies gym here in Utah...And I am blessed to be able to help women just like you achieve their 'life changes' and weight goals. I know how hard you must have worked to get these results, and can only imagine how great you are feeling about them...Keep it up!

    One thing that I loved about this post is 'Giving up on Perfect' That is what all of us women need to do...Because not EVERY day will we eat perfectly, and work out like we should...So when we have a bad day, it SO IMPORTANT not to beat ourselves up about it, to just keep going forward and eat better our next meal, or continue our workout the next day...

    And you know what? Its absolutely ok :)
    Sorry about the novel, but I am just extremely happy for you, and if you ever need any help or ideas, let me know...Id be happy to help where I can...God Bless!


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