Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Continuing on my journey past one thousand gifts....

A week ago our granddaughter, Youngest Sweetie celebrated her first birthday. It was a large party with family, friends, food and presents. The weather was beautiful and the birthday girl was happy.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday. We have a family tradition of going to one of Wonderful Husband's sister's home for the meal. I will bring my cheese onions which are a tradition from my side of the family and it will be challenging for my introverted self to be surrounded by the crowd and the noise, yet I am still thankful.

1035 - 1042 on my list beyond One Thousand Gifts.

I am giving thanks for:

1035. our happy, one year old granddaughter

1036. our daughter and son-in-law. Such loving parents.

1037. family, food, and fun of a birthday celebration and Thanksgiving

1038. our son coming to visit for the holiday

1039. recognizing that every day is a gift

1040. feeling helpful while taking dinner to Diane who broke her leg

1041. my dentist who "crowned" my broken tooth in one visit. Very efficient.

1042. Christmas CDs playing in my van. Sing-along anyone?

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and tell me, have you been humming Christmas songs lately?

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  1. Oh, your granddaughter looks like she was having a *wonderful* celebration!! Happy birthday to her.


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