Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Continuing my journey beyond one thousand gifts....

Wonderful Husband is hanging Christmas lights outside. I've removed my Autumn/Thanksgiving orange nail polish and am painting on Christmas/Winter red. I'm strategically planning how to decorate the inside of the house since last year our newborn-sleepy granddaughter has become our active-crawling-almost-walking one year old granddaughter. Her little hands explore everything, then everything goes in her mouth for further exploration.

I don't want our house to be thought of as "No-No-Grandma's house."

This is a season of thanksgiving and next year Wonderful Husband and I plan to participate with a local church serving Thanksgiving lunch to the homeless and lonely people in our area.

1043 - 1065  beyond my list of One Thousand Gifts, I thank God for:

1043. the Holy Spirit's presence during a meeting with the pastor whose church we're leaving. Open communication, no bitterness, ending in prayer.

1044. slow days at work leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday

1045. a Happy Thanksgiving phone call with my brother

1046. a Happy Thanksgiving email from my mom

1047. The Teacher coming to visit

1048. Wonderful Husband's family feast

1049. Young Sweetie's decision to spend Thanksgiving with her in laws since Youngest Sweetie had been feverish  and there would be 8 month old twins (second cousins?) attending our family feast

I had to show you pictures of them in their turkey-leg-knit caps. Darling!

1050. Young Sweetie's tender heart for her in laws

1051. the Thanksgiving dinner encore presentation on Friday with our son, son-in-law and Youngest Sweetie

1052. sending leftovers home for Young Sweetie who had to work and missed out on the meal

1053. making turkey soup afterward

1054. not shopping on Gray Thursday or Black Friday

1055. reading The One Year Chronological Bible: "Let love be your highest goal." 1 Corinthians 14:1 (NLT)

1056. strengthening the whole church, 1 Corinthians 14:3-4, 12

1057. breakfast with Paula and Maria and talking about forgiveness

1058. a reminder to plant Paperwhites. "When you put a seed into the ground, it doesn't grow into a plant unless it dies first." 1 Corinthians 15:36b (NLT).

1059. sending cards to Diane, Joanne and Kaye. I am blessed with friends.

1060. finding The Allume 2012 Conference Keynote Speakers presentations online for free

1061. Sally Clarkson's wisdom and her clear, concise message: "Love God, love people, seek first the kingdom, live by faith."

1062. a sister-in-law sharing her concern about her son (our nephew) "having a problem with God"

1063. knowing God is big enough to handle the issue. He is present and patient enough to wait on the solution/healing/return.

1064. giving Christmas ornaments to Young Sweetie for her first family Christmas tree. Most were crafted with her own little hands, way back when. Precious.

1065. a new journal for my rambling thoughts. "Every day is a gift, every moment is a blessing, every life holds a beauty of its own."

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Was your Thanksgiving full of turkey and leftovers?

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  1. Hi, Cindy -
    I'm stopping by via Ann's blog. It was good to read your list of thanks and to know that you are trusting fully in Him, with everything. I pray for your move to a new church - and know what you mean about little people and Christmas decorating :) We are blessed to have 8 grandchildren - God has been so very good to us! And our Thanksgiving was way back in October (I'm from Canada) so I'd love to have turkey and leftovers again :) So nice to 'meet' you!


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