Monday, September 17, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (932-941)

Continuing toward my journey of one thousand gifts....

While I was driving out of my neighborhood this past week, I saw a father and daughter walking two dogs on leashes. The leashes were tangled and I got to see a beautiful spontaneous choreographed daughter twirling and laughing with her father as they untangled themselves.

It brought a smile to my commute.

Thank you Lord!

932 - 941 on my list of One Thousand Gifts. I'm thankful for:

932. a father and daughter laughing together

933. hard eucharisteo: our two (adult) children being sick this past week. I wanted to fly through time and space to mother them, but couldn't. (They are both feeling better.)

934. the comfort of prayers and a healing God

935. arriving home from work and seeing a huge spider in it's web. I'm thankful that the spider was outside catching bugs too.

No, I wouldn't get any closer. Yikes!

936. a happy surprise that I know a blogger and had been reading his blog for a couple months, had read his e-book and just this week figured out he goes to the church I used to attend. Walt Disney was soooo is a small world after all! Ha!

937. five days on Tready this past week

938. a sympathy nap. The term occurred to me after Wonderful Husband bleach-cleaned the front porch in order to get it ready for the Fall sealant and I took a three hour nap! A sympathy nap! Hee hee!

939. a lawncare company that achieved core-aeration, seeding and fertilizing in an hour and a half. It would have taken us much longer and we avoided the stiff muscles. It's a win-win!

940. an opportunity to make a new friend

941. Maria for being kind when I pushed back our coffee meet-up

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Have you noticed an abundance of spiders in your area?


  1. Nice list. Spiders make me shudder every time.

  2. Oh my yes, I killed two black widows recently and now they keep haunting me in my dreams!


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