Friday, December 17, 2010

Losing It - Contest Edition - Week 5

The weather outside is frightful ... below freezing temps for I don't know how long, but it seems like forever.

I'm still not fully over my cold, yet am much better than last week since I took a Saturday of rest and napped off and on and felt more human by Sunday. Rest. It "does a body good."

Yesterday was my company luncheon at the wonderful Joseph Ambler Inn where I ordered the petite filet mignon. Yummy delicious. People around me ordered fish and I explained my Texas roots where I eat beef whenever I can. Ha!

So you're interested in my weight loss this week?

Week 5 Results:

I lost 2.5 lbs.
I walked on the treadmill 2 days this week.

Did sit-ups and used light weights for 4 days.
Total loss in 5 weeks is 3 lbs. (Total percentage of body weight will be posted on Week 8.)

Saturday night is my Wonderful Husband's family Christmas party. My plan is to snack moderately and enjoy the party. Sunday I will be marathon-baking pumpkin bread to give as gifts.

Here's a peek at our Christmas tree. Man, that angel is bright at the top!

Years ago, our daughter and I had an allergic reaction to a fresh tree. We invested in this faux tree and have put it to good use for the past 14 years. I love it and leave it up through January. It helps lighten my mood through December and January.

This week's question is: Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?

This contest has been a blessing to me. It's kept me focused on being responsible with my food choices and kept me accountable with my exercise decisions. I'm enjoying the holiday season this year. No weight gain and no guilt. Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by and please proceed to the House of Hills to cheer on the Losing It ladies.


  1. You are doing AWESOME!!! Way to go. Whoop! Whoop!

    And, your tree is beautiful. We also do a fake tree because of allergies. I struggle just visiting folks with real trees for long periods of time. I hate that. They smell so good, but make me sneeze so bad. LOL

    Glad you go the steak at lunch. Nothing like a good chunk of beef! Unfortunately, I like mine with a baked potato.

    Have a wonderful time at hubby's party and baking. I'm baking today too. Catering a party for a group of coworkers. Not sure how that happened.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Nice job! 2.5 pounds is something to smile about!!!

    We do a real tree here. No allergies & no one ever comes over, so we should be good. :)

    I also have to say that I am impressed by your willpower!

    Merry Christmas, Cindy!

  3. I love your tree. I love a real tree!! Though my hubby is trying to convince us to go'll take a lot of convincing.

    Great job on the weight loss. I'm trying to get on the bandwagon! I have 50 pounds I'd like to lose

  4. Great job on the loss Cindy!! I love your tree. We are not putting one up this year because we are moving on Jan. 8th and I miss the holiday glow in the house!


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