Monday, January 18, 2010

Prayer Quilt Ministry

My church has a Prayer Quilt Ministry. This is something I heard about recently and am grateful for the discovery. (I had heard of Prayer Shawls before and had received a Prayer Scarf from my mother's Prayer Group after I had surgery in 2008.)

Our nephew Gregory died on December 8, 2009. My Bible Study Buddies had been praying for Gregory and his family throughout his illness and when I told them of his death, one of the ladies asked if his wife Becky would benefit from a Prayer Quilt.

One of the quilters (Carol)attends the Bible Study and said that she would begin working on it. She asked me for color suggestions and pattern suggestions.

Carol chose the fabric and pieced the front together. Small strings were attached to the quilt so that after praying, a person would tie a knot on one of the strings.

Dot inserted the batting and attached the back of the quilt. She always pieces in a cross in the upper right corner of the back of the quilt.

Carol finished the edging and attached a label which says the name of our church, the recipient's name and that prayers were prayed over the quilt.

Then the physical quilt is completed.

The quilt was made available for people to pray over. My Bible Study Buddies prayed for Becky to feel God's presence, strength and comfort during her time of mourning. The quilt was also available after both worship services for people to pray for Becky too.

This past Friday, my daughter and I took lunch and the Prayer Quilt over to Becky. I had typed up some information about the Prayer Quilt Ministry for her. I have found that when I have a lot of information to impart that in the "emotion of the moment" I tend to not be able to effectively communicate everything that I want or need to say so I am thankful that I had the envelope to leave with Becky.

What I have learned is that a Prayer Quilt is more than just a blanket. It is visible and tangible evidence of faith. Faith in God, faith in love, and faith in prayer. It is not only a blessing to the person receiving the Prayer Quilt, it's also a blessing to the people creating it, a blessing to the people praying over it, and a blessing to those delivering it.

I feel God's comfort in thinking that Becky is able to literally cover herself in prayers. That over the years the quilt will become more soft and she can enfold herself in prayers.

I thank God for Carol and Dot and for their gifts of quilting, faith, and healing in the Prayer Quilt Ministry!

Do you have a Prayer Quilt Ministry at your church?

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