Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Roof Over My Head

We've lived in our home for 18 years and are planning to sell it someday. So when I noticed a small circle of water damage in our son's old bedroom ceiling, I knew it was time to replace the roof.

We requested two estimates and no sooner signed a contract on December 4th, the snow and brutally cold weather arrived in PA. It figures.

Finally there was a break in the weather and we had supplies delivered one foggy January morning.

A large dumpster appeared in our driveway blocking our garage door entrances too.

May I whine about how much I missed parking in my garage during all the snowy and icy mornings?

Snow crystals on my passenger side window.

I know.

I am a baby.

But defrosting my van before going to work was tiring. And the snow removal was awful!

The roof was completed while Wonderful Husband and I were at work during the days. So we never heard the shingle removal and pounding.

And one night I came home and the dumpster was gone.

Hooray! We could park in the garages again!

Fast forward to today....Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. when I heard two male voices outside then pounding as they removed the chunks of ice from the old gutters.

The old gutters were removed and replaced with pretty, pristine ones.

Voila! A job well done!

I am thankful for the roofers' and gutter guys' hard work during the brutally cold temperatures we have been experiencing in PA.

I am also thankful for the new roof over my head!

Have you done any home improvement projects lately?
Or do you have plans for any?

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  1. I'm super behind on my blog reading since I've been getting our home ready to sell. We had baseball size hail last summer...getting ready to have our roof done soon. I'm not looking forward to all the banging and pounding. But, it will be nice to have it done. Glad yours is repaired!!


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