Monday, December 23, 2013

Texas Family

In August I flew to Texas to stay with my mom while she was recuperating from hip replacement surgery. Although my brother and sister weren't able to stay with her 24/7, it provided an opportunity to spend time together that we haven't had for years.

My sister, brother and I posed with a picture that was taken around 30 years ago. Wow! We haven't changed much at all! (That's the story I'm sticking with! Hee hee!)


My sister was a great help running errands, picking up items and always delivering them with a smile. I told her that in 20 years I'm going to hire her as my personal shopper. She was amazing!

My brother was just as phenomenal because when we needed a handrail installed to the lower level of mom's home he had his crew come over the next day and boom! New handrail! He came over that weekend to sand and paint it too.

He was also my chauffeur to and from the airport and took me shopping the first day so I could pick up some items that I didn't want to lug from PA to TX. He showed great patience while I ran into Bath & Body Works and Walmart.

May I show you one thing I love about the local Walmart in Texas?

The state of Texas and a football made from cases of Coke Classic and Mr. Pibb. Creative!


It was a blessing to spend time with my brother and sister and our mom. We reminisced about our memories of our dad who died 21 years ago. It was interesting how the three of us each had unique memories of our dad too.

My brother had the "strict dad" who was trying to mold him into a man.

I had the dad who tried to "toughen me up" so I could face the world.

My sister (who is nine years younger than me) had the "fun dad" who was older, worked less hours, and found enjoyment in a multitude of hobbies.

Do you have siblings that although you were raised by the same parents....everyone seems different from each other? Have you ever asked yourself, "How are we all so different? We were raised by the same parents!"

Listening to each others' memories explained the quirkiness we each have and who we've become as adults.

And the delightful insight is that although we are different, we love each other and got along quite well.

We are family.


Finally, a picture of my sister, mom and me on the back deck of my mom's home:

I am thankful for our mom's successful hip replacement surgery! She showed great endurance while I was there and I admired her strength and determination during her recovery.

Yea Mom!

Yea Texas Family!

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  1. I LOVE the pics of you with your family! What great family time and I'm so glad that your mom is on the mend! Too funny...I was just talking with some of my in-laws yesterday on how my brother, sisters & I see our relationships so differently with our parents! Glad to know that it's not just my family. I wonder if most siblings have that type of viewpoint? Loved the pop/soda display! Texans obviously love their football! :)


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