Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kindness from a Stranger

2013 has been a tough year for our daughter (Young Sweetie). She's in the midst of signing a custody agreement regarding her daughter (Youngest Sweetie) and faces divorce in her future.

Life. has. been. hard.

Imagine my surprise when she brought Youngest Sweetie over for our weekly Sunday dinner and said, "I have story for your blog."

(Young Sweetie knows that I like to write about real life but life has been "a bit too real" this year.)


Young Sweetie was shopping with Youngest Sweetie at our local K-Mart finishing up their Christmas shopping and picking up the basics of diapers and wipes when a woman approached them and struck up a conversation.

The woman praised Youngest Sweetie for being so cute (I liked this woman already!) and asked if she'd seen Santa yet. She asked Young Sweetie how her holidays were going and Young Sweetie said she gave her the standard answer of "Everything is going ok."

The woman explained that her employer had sent out their employees to spread some holiday spirit and asked Young Sweetie if she could give her some money to buy something "for yourself, your daughter and others for Christmas."

Then the woman handed her a $100 bill.

Young Sweetie's eyes welled-up with tears and asked if she could give the woman a hug.

Which she did.

She thanked the woman and while she was still mentally processing the gift....she realized she didn't ask the woman's name or what company she worked for and the woman had walked away.

She looked for the woman and never saw her again.


I believe that God places all people in our lives for His purpose(s).

Thank you Lord for your hand in this gift. Thank you for the woman who was sent out by her employer to pass on some holiday spirit. And thank you for her employer who gave the incentive to the employees.

I am grateful that at the end of a tough year our family experienced this miracle of love and kindness from a stranger.



Have you received kindness from a stranger this year?


  1. I did receive some kindness...but not from a stranger, a neighbor. I'm usually the one doing the giving...not the receiving! My dear neighbor brought us some New Year's Cookies today! I was under the weather and not able to make them. She saw my comment on facebook and ran some over. It's hard to receive sometimes I'd much rather be the giver, but it brought my heart a lot of joy to receive today! So happy for the Blessing your daughter and grand received!! HaPpY New Year!!

    1. Love the kindness from your neighbor!

  2. I am happy for the Young Sweetie and the Youngest Sweetie. ( who I am sure is a Cutie as well). Good things do happen randomly. Last year a lot of people got monitory gifts from strangers after hurricane Sandy.
    When I had car trouble four men came to help me. They were all strangers I did blog about that for Mother's Day blog.

    I hope that 2014 brings better times for you, the Young Sweetie and the youngest Sweetie who is a Cutie as well:)

    1. Oh yes, I am thankful for hearing/reading stories of people pitching in after nature's tragedies too!


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