Sunday, March 10, 2013

Too Much Technology?

I read the following essay from Tiffany Shlain entitled "Tech's Best Feature: The Off Switch."

Tiffany wrote:

"Just as we discover -- the hard way -- what constitutes too much sugar or too much alcohol, I believe we are only beginning to truly understand the effects of too much technological stimulation on the brain. As we rush into this era of hyperconnected human evolution, we need to evolve and adapt to be mindful of what we are doing online and when we should get off."

I've been pondering where technology is leading the younger....and older generations too.

I remember working on a computer for the first time and how it seemed to make my world spin like a top. All this technology was rushing toward me at a lickety-split pace.

Now I have days when my computer at work seems to move in slowwww motionnnnn. My brain has been re-trained to expect fast results and sometimes technology doesn't seem quick enough.

That also carries over into other parts of my life as I rush into and through the grocery store...then need to "re-program myself" to stand patiently in line, pay for my items...then I walk quickly toward my car.

I live a life of fast and slow and only during the slow do I have the time to see God, His blessings, and have relationships with others.

Have you ever made the decision to turn off technology for a specific amount of time?

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