Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brace Yourself

My granddaughter has always known me looking like this....

a mouth full of braces.

Last Tuesday, after 20 and a half months of wearing braces....

they're gone!

(Side thought: I wish I had a sun tan.)

After my braces were removed, my orthodontist handed me a bottle of non-alcoholic, sparkling cider.

Later his assistant took me for "after pictures" and I said, "Gee, this bottle is nice....but I was kind of hoping for a bag of candy."

A few minutes later I was handed this....

and although I offered to return the cider, I was told I could keep both.


If you're wondering if my granddaughter noticed the difference....the answer is no. She did not.

So much for my thinking she'd freak-out over her newly improved Grandma.

Now I'm off to chew gum, or eat popcorn, or a Rice Krispies Treat!



  1. Congratulations, Cindy!! Looking good!!!!

  2. Your comment about having a suntan reminds me of the wedding picture that hangs on my wall. My husband looks like Ken & I look like a ghost standing next to him! :)


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