Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 2015

Summer life has been hard.

In July our daughter (Young Sweetie) had shoulder surgery to tighten her tendons and ligaments. She's been in a sling ever since and goes back to the doctor tomorrow to hopefully get an OK to go back to work.

We took a family vacation in July to Wildwood Crest, NJ.

Wonderful Husband, the Teacher (our son), Young Sweetie, Youngest Sweetie (our granddaughter) and I had a wonderful time. Beach, pool, Boardwalk, golf and just the right amount of a cloudy/sprinkley day for our stay so no one came back with sunburn.

On the Boardwalk
Since we've been back, Wonderful Husband got bronchitis then a few days later I'm sitting here with bronchitis and ear infections.

I read this post from Emily Freeman: "What Everybody Ought to Know About Stress"

And it made me acknowledge that our being run down probably explains our bronchial issues. Our bodies are telling us that stress is wearing us down.

I find Emily's words (both written and spoken) to be wise and comforting.

And I'm looking forward to August and good health.

How's your summer been?

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