Monday, September 1, 2014

March - August 2014

Wonderful Husband and I traveled to Puerto Rico in March departing Philadelphia early on a Tuesday morning when the temperature read a frigid 16 degrees!

We arrived in Puerto Rico where the high displays 83 degrees and the low rests at 73 every evening.

We hopped on a shuttle bus and 50 minutes later arrived at the resort where the trade winds greeted us with open arms.

The view outside our hotel room.
Picture postcard perfect?

And if you were wondering....the answer is "Yes."

I think Puerto Rico saved my sanity.

This was a working trip for Wonderful Husband who attends meetings during some of the days.

I linger for 5 days and soak up the warmth like a sponge.

Deep into my memory and my soul.

Beautiful flora made my eyes and heart happy!
At the end of March, our daughter and granddaughter moved in with us.

We are now an intergenerational home.

April brought Easter with excited egg-dyeing

and an Easter basket.

(The funniest part while taking this photo was Youngest Sweetie saying, "Cheese," and of course I couldn't see her smile.)

May brought another birthday celebration for me and Wonderful Husband.

You know the years do fly by.

June celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary and my in laws 65th.

July was our vacation in Wildwood, NJ,

A storm rolling in.
and a bridal shower for our niece.

The four girl cousins from Wonderful Husband's side of the family.
August ends with a wedding of Wonderful Husband's cousin's daughter.

Yummy cake!
And now I'm ready for September.

How about you?

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  1. I'd actually like to roll the clock back to September...where has the year gone? It's been a busy crazy year here in the Midwest for us...
    Ready for life to return to somewhat Normal...whatever that is. :)
    So glad to catch up with your Blog!
    Hope you are doing well!! Hugs & Blessings!!


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