Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Need More Jesus

I have the best daughter.

I can say that because she is my only daughter and she is 23 years old of awesome!

For example, I can make a list of praise songs and she works magic in purchasing them in record-breaking-time from an online music store (with my credit card of course).

I burn them onto CDs and rotate them playing in my van.

If you ride with me, you get to listen to my music.



I drove Young Sweetie to the mall to shop for clothes one night after work. After visiting a few stores at the mall she was successful in finding black dress pants but we were both a bit tired and she suggested stopping at the coffee shop in the mall because she needed some caffeine to finish out the day.

I started thinking about the commercial I'd seen about a new blend the coffee shop had introduced, it could have been named some sort of hair color (Blonde) and I'm game to try it since I find their usual coffee to be a bit on the bitter side.

Let the adventure begin...

Young Sweetie ordered her frozen coffee concoction and I had a couple questions for the barista about the new blend of coffee. I could feel my excitement building.

Finally I'm ready to order, "I'll take a grande, Vanilla Blonde, iced coffee...." and he interrupted me to say that he couldn't ice the Vanilla Blonde coffee. It is only served hot.

I may have asked, "Are you kidding me?"

OK, I did ask and his answer was that he was not kidding me.

So I told him to ring up my daughter's order. I wouldn't be ordering anything after all.


Young Sweetie and I were exiting the mall and I'd worked myself up into quite a tizzy. Possibly heading toward a full-blown rant. I might have been saying something to the effect of "All you can serve me is bitter iced coffee? Do you want to see bitter?" (Picture me waving my hand in a circular motion in front of my face.)

Oh yes, I was in rare form and we got into the van, I turned the key, the engine started and the praise music began to play....and without missing a beat my daughter turns up the volume and says, "I think you need more Jesus."

That took the "wind right out of my sails."


I have the best daughter and she is correct.

I need more Jesus.


  1. I'm so glad to hear from you again! I had to laugh...because I can't believe how we are seriously almost in the same place. I need a LOT more Jesus! I have to remind myself of that a lot! Thanks for posting this...praying for a Sister in Christ who needs Jesus as much as I do... Thanks for being real :)

  2. LOL I loved this post! Don't we all need more Jesus! You have a cool wise daughter for sure. Thank you for visiting my blog today and wishing me congrats! That means a lot to me--especially from a fellow PA person!


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