Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 2013

Wonderful Husband, the Teacher and I attended the 7:00 a.m. Easter Service at the United Methodist Church. It was early, lovely, and celebratory! It could be our new Easter tradition.

Happy Easter!

The day began with sun and just in time for the Easter gathering, the clouds rolled in, the sky began to drizzle, then rain lasted the rest of the day.

The Toddler Easter Egg Hunt was held inside this year since the weather didn't cooperate.

I wish I could have captured (on video) the Young Adult Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt. Ages 23 - 34. Too funny watching "the kids" scamper around the backyard in the rain!

I deemed this Easter "The Year of Crying." You can hear it during the Toddler's Egg Hunt. There was crying during the Young Adult Egg Hunt too. (One of toddlers, not the Young Adults.)

Then I had to include this picture of the younger generation:

Too funny!
Grandparenthood is the best season of life so far because after all the Easter excitement...we went home to our quiet house.

How was your Easter?

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