Friday, November 11, 2011

A Grandmother

It's time to update my profile description to include "Grandma."

Our daughter (Young Sweetie) gave birth to our granddaughter, Amber Riley, at 8:57 p.m. on her due date of 11-11-11.

Amber weighed 6 lbs.1 oz. and measures 20 inches.

Hey! I'm not the shortest person in the family anymore!

Welcome to the world Amber!

Congratulations to Young Sweetie and Andy!

Thank you Lord!

I am exhausted :)


  1. Congratulations to you!! And your family! I'm so excited for you!!
    As far as the exhaustion goes...I know exactly how you feel! 3 weeks ago I was in the labor room with our daughter & her husband. Wasn't until the wee hours of Saturday morning that we finally got the word that our 1st grandbaby was born by c-section. Talk about a long day! I don't do all-nighters too well anymore, but it was sooooo worth it! I love my new name...I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  2. Congrats on you new grandbaby! 11/11/11 is a cool birthday for sure! I love your blog, I found it by way of wendy's site. I love the one yr chronological bible, this is my very first time reading all the through. I have been writing down 5 gratitudes a day, I love what you are doing! blessings in Jesus, Sheila


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