Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you Nick

I have a nephew who was born on Christmas Day a few years ago. His name is Nick. On Thanksgiving Day this year we were talking about technology. Facebook in particular. And I told him that I wanted to also have a blog but couldn't come up with a name. He suggested "Aunt Cindy." It was a good suggestion since that is what he calls me, yet I wanted to come up with a really creative and thought-provoking name for my blog.

Once again, I was over-thinking the situation. I do that a lot with situations and conversations. It's something I work on constantly with thoughts swirling around in my head. Then I finally will turn the problem over to God. My thoughts calm, peace once again envelops my soul and all is right with my world.

So although I didn't go with a blog named "Aunt Cindy," I kept it simple since I am Cindy and live in PA.

Thank you Nick.

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  1. Hey thats awesome! An online journal about Cindy in PA. I am your first reader/follower! I over think problems all the time to only find the the solution is usually simple.


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